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I'am a women, and a mother,


After 2 years as a clinical chief at Georges Pompidou European Hospital in Paris as an oncologist, I am currently working as a PhD student at LaPEA lab attached to Université de Paris.


I have a scientific background, graduated from Paris Descartes University of medicine. Then, I have completed my residency training in oncology in Reims University of medicine. In 2014, I obtained a master degree in Immunology at Paris Sud, working on the role of IL-17 in cancer.

Based on my own experience as a human being I have always believed in the link between western and eastern medicine. Reason why, I have focusing my training and work on integrative medicine (IM), prevention and supportive care to improve quality of life and resilience in cancer care. I spent a 6 months training in 2012 at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York with the integrative medicine team where I studied many aspect of complementary medicine in cancer care based on an experiential learning. This training have changed my vision of taking care, in cancer care and more generally in healthcare. I did my medical thesis with Gary Deng, MD on complementary medicine and chemotherapy induced pain neuropathy. Since I have done papers, collaborative work and workshop on what is integrative medicine.

Back in France, I followed my training in IM exploring deeply the link between mind and body with mindfulness meditation. In 2013, I was lucky to participate to the University Diploma – Medicine - Meditation - Neuroscience at the Strasbourg University of Medicine where I discovered the world of cognitive science. I am trained as a mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) teacher, a program created by Jon Kabat Zinn to reduce stress in chronic disease.

Today my background blends Eastern and Western medicine.

 In 2018, I became part of the CRI community that allowed me to go deeper in learning science and interdisciplinary in health. I am part of the HealthLab created by Olivier Bory in 2018 as a project coordinator.

 Since 2 years, I have created a "Mindfulness and Medicine" elective class for medical student (5 years) at Paris Descartes University of Medicine, with a group of wonderful teachers.

In this way, teaching mindfulness meditation for medical student and professional caregivers is my own way to contribute to the health of tomorrow. I truly believe Mindfulness meditation is a way to care for our own and others.

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The cure for boredom is curiosity, there is no cure for curiosity. Dorothy Parker.

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I will always be thankful to the professors, people, patients and colleagues I have met on my way.


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