Prevention and Education

Since few years in oncology I have been focusing my clinical expertise on cancer patient's well-being. Time after time, people where asking me how is it possible to work in oncology ?, isn't it too sad? Many times, I have been avoided to answer. Then, I allowed myself to go deeply and recognized how unusual the life of professional caregivers working in this field is. How unusual my own life was. We are closed to pain, suffering, death, but also love and kindness, and joy. But not sometimes, but many times on a journey. We are taking care of patient but it's family as well, sometimes in the middle of crazy family stories. But always there, as a tree, taking care since the beginning of disease until death. Finally, I understood that working in cancer care required humanity, empathy, disciplines, but also a sens of team working. Since my training in the USA, I wanted to bring IO in France and education was part of that.

But, in 2017, the increase in professional caregivers’ burnouts and the lost of team spirits made me wonder about the healthcare of tomorrow. How can we take care of people without taking care of ourselves? What is the place attributed to the vulnerability of caregivers? Who will be the doctor of tomorrow? What space is given to emotional skills and empathy in medical training programs?

Combining my knowledges on integrative medicine and my experience as a student, as a resident and a doctor I have decide to focus on prevention and education. I believe emotional competencies skills are key to increase the effectiveness of patient care. Following this direction, I am starting a PhD in psychology at the FDV doctoral school @CRI-Paris to explore this subject further.

My first action was to develop an MBSR program for resident and medical student at the CRI called "the Mindful Apotek". It has been created in collaboration with Soizic Michelot. ​Since 2019 this project is part of the HealthLab at the CRI-Paris that explore interdisciplinary in care. 

Furthermore, I coordinate since November 2018 an elective class on "mindfulness and medicine" for medical student at Paris Descartes University. I also teach at the university diploma "méditation, gestion du stress, relation de soin" at Sorbonne University of Medicine and in different educational program.

In November 2019, a new program coordinate by Nathalie Rappoport and "les rencontres perspectives" has been developed as the first interdisciplinary French program combining mindfulness meditation, positive psychology and emotional competencies skills as keys to integrate mind and body relationship in care. I am glad to teach in this curriculum. More informations...