Interview pour la Vie Kintsugi

September 27, 2019

As a philosophy, kintsugi can be seen to have similarities to the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, an embracing of the flawed or imperfect. Kintsugi can relate to the Japanese philosophy of "no mind", which encompasses the concepts of non-attachment, acceptance of change, and fate as aspects of human life.

Constance Hamel, has created an association to help cancer patients, caregivers, or professional caregivers with an integrated health combining conventional medicine to complementary approaches.

Mindfulness for medical student

November 08, 2018

An interview in Medscape about medical student burnout and our MBSR program that we are developing since september 2018. 

interview about integrative medicine in the Podcast "bouge ton curcuma" :

October 23, 2017

"bouge ton curcuma" is a wonderful podcast made by Cindy Montier, a cancer fighter survivor. She 's interviewing about the question: what does health mean for you ?

Copie de -A notebook for cancer patient by curcumabox

October 31, 2017

Cindy, a young women, breast cancer survivor, discovered naturopathy and integrative medicine at the time of her diagnosis. She used it to help her managed cancer and treatment side effects. Since her recovery she continue to get involve in prevention, healthy diet and naturopathy. She has found curcumabox, a blog to share tips but also a startup. She wrote a notebook in collaboration with professional caregivers, and therapist about integrative medicine, in French. I was lucky to met her and collaborate to promote well being.

Supplements and Herbs for professional caregivers

September 30, 2017

I have collaborate with the complementary medicine working group of AFSOS around supplements. The idea was to help professional caregivers in cancer care confronted to questions about supplement and cancer treatment to minimize interaction risk with their mainstream treatment. This first notebook introduce 10 supplements as curcuma or ginseng.

A second notebook will come soon.

Médecine intégrative : « Les Anglo-Saxons intègrent depuis longtemps le lien entre le corps et l’esprit »

April 12, 2017

Interview par PAR ELSA FAYNER 

Interview Mister K - The fighting kit

May 31, 2017

I have met Charlotte Husson in January 2015, when she was at the beginning of her incredible project around supportive care and beauty.  She is a beautiful, young women, stylist, and ovarian cancer survivor who decide to share her experience to help others around treatment side effects and beauty. Today she has founded 2 brands : Mister K by charlotte and The fighting Kit, donates 5% of sales at Gustave Roussy Cancer Center to help research in cancer.

She interviewed me in 2015, about oncology and integrative medicine.

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