Colloque de cancérologie integrative - speaker

December 06, 2019

If you are a health care provider and are interested to discuss about integrative oncology. You can join us for the 1st colloque de canceprologie intégrative des hauts de Flandre.

I am glad to be part of the scientist committee and talk about mindfulness in cancer care.

Integrative Oncology Talk

October 03, 2019

Mindfulness for cancer patient.

Invited as a speaker at the Infogyn congres in Pau, France.

Conference - debat "HAPPY" with the Lab Premier CRI.

June 05, 2019

Lab Premier CRI will proposed to watch the movie "Happy" and then discuss about mindfulness in education. 

In collaboration with Marion Voillot and Lisa Jacquey co founders of the Lab Premier CRI, and With Judith Paccaud-Solarz, Sidonie Lombardo-Almespeck, psychologue, co founders of "Tisseurs d'Humanité",  Laurence de Gaspary president of "Enfance et attention" association, and Cloé Brami, oncologist and PhD student involve in education in health.

Conference-discussion with Eric Loucks

April 26, 2019

At a time when mindfulness research and education is expanding dramatically across the world, this talk will share the interdisciplinary scientific evidence base of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) across mental and physical health outcomes. It will explore evidence for biological, behavioral, and self-regulatory mechanisms of mindfulness. Furthermore, this talk will describe major mindfulness research opportunities moving forward, such as for implementation science, effective mindfulness delivery systems, mechanisms, the value of both qualitative and quantitative mindfulness research, along with skillful adaptations of MBSR to specific patient populations and demographic groups.

It's an pleasure to listen **Eric Loucks** an Associate Professor and Director of the Mindfulness Center at Brown University, in the School of Public Health and the Medical School.

CEDH International conference in Barcelona

October 05, 2017

Invited by the CEDH to speak about Integrative Medicine today. It was an honor to collaborate and discuss with more than 300 professionals caregivers.

MBSR meditation for resident and medical student

October 01, 2019

Our fall program will start in November at the CRI.

Please find the link to register.

It's a free program.

You only need to register and come at the register evening on October 2 at 7.30 pm.

Mindfulness for medical student with

March 05, 2019

What is mindfulness meditation and how it can be related to care ?

A 1.30 h workshop for medical student from Kremlin Bicêtre university in Paris through the student university of medicine. 

MBSR for medical student and resident

November 05, 2018

A free MBSR program for medical student and resident in paris from any university and any year in co animation with Soizic Michelot -MBSR paris

An 8 week meditation class plus 1 silent day.


information class: october 2

Starting 6/11 @ CRI-Paris ending February 12th 2019.


Event FULL

Self-compassion in care

December 01, 2018

Soizic Michelot and I will co animate a workshop for health care provider from western and eastern medicine around self-compassion in care.

Mindfulness meditation session, lecture and moment for sharing.

Collaborative lunch.

inscriptions and details:

Mindfulness in science

October 13, 2018

The CRI will open its doors Sunday October 7 2018 to celebrate sciences

Come and join the community.

Workshop and conferences are part go the program.

As a health lab member I will animate a workshop on mindfulness and science.

Copie de -Copie de -Mindfulness et soin

June 02, 2018

Et si prendre soin de ceux qui prennent soin pouvait-être un pilier de l’innovation en santé ? En partenariat avec le CRI Paris - Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity -et les Les Totipotents Paris Descartes, Cloé BRAMI, oncologue, chef de clinique à l'APHP, et impliquée dans des reflexions autour de l’intelligence émotionnelle dans le soin, et Soizic Michelot enseignante de méditation de pleine conscience (Soizic Michelot - MBSR Paris) proposent une matinée interactive alliant pratique de méditation de pleine conscience et réflexions autour du prendre soin. 

Une matinée ouverte pour les professionnels de santé et étudiants en médecine.

Entrée gratuite mais inscription obligatoire en raison du nombre de place limitée (par message in box).
Lieu: CRI, Tour Montparnasse, 20 ème étage Lounge.

Workshop meditation 1: for med students and residents

January 20, 2018

A free and collaborative workshop, organized with les totipotents,  about mindfulness meditation through a learning experience. Soizic Michelot and I collaborate during this evening around the idea of self compassion and care. 

It took place at les Cordeliers, Paris Descartes University of medicine, 15 rue de l'école de Médecine Paris.

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Workshop / Teaching